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In order to maintain our prices, as food costs and processing fees continue,
we assess this small fee of 3.99% on all credit/debit card orders

Oven Fresh Pizzas

Pizza Crusts: Hand Tossed | Pan Style | Thin

Flavored Crusts: Butter | Garlic Butter | Cajun | Sesame Seed

Items: Onions | Green Peppers | Ham | Pepperoni | Bacon | Beef | Italian Sausage | Green Olives | Ripe Olives | Pineapple | Jalapeños | Fresh Mushrooms | Canned Mushrooms | Mild Peppers | Crab | Shrimp | Chicken | Broccoli | Tomatoes | Spinach | Anchovies | Feta Cheese | Cheddar Cheese | Double Cheese | FREE Extra Sauce | New Item: Artichokes

Free Extra Sauce Upon Request

*Please note, if you choose to add a second pizza, it must contain the same amount of toppings or less than the first!

Cheese Pizzas

Chicago Style

New York Style

Gluten Free Crust

Tasty Classic Pizzas

Tasty Classic Pizzas

Calzones, Subs, and More

Oven Fresh Calzones

Oven Fresh Subs and Subzones

All Subs are 10" and are served HOT!

Get any Sub Calzone Style

Delicious Wraps


BBQ, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Sriracha Bourbon, Hot Sauce, or Tropical Habenero

Extra Sauce $0.75

Garden Fresh Salads

Dressings: Ranch | Greek | Blue Cheese | Lite Italian | Lite Ranch - Extra Dressing 75¢ Each

Hot Breadsticks

Dips: Ranch, Pizza, Garlic, Apple, Cherry - Extra Dips 75¢ Each

Kid's Menu

Kid's Menu

Drinks & Dessert



Sodas: Coke | Diet Coke | Sprite | Barq's Root Beer | Mello Yello | Orange | Dr. Pepper | Coke Zero | Cherry Coke

All Items and prices are subject to change